Wednesday 9 September 2015

Python: Office 365 alerts on Linux

It is possible to use Microsoft's Office 365 with native Linux clients for mail and calendar:

However, neither have proven reliable. The web interface is good but being browser based has meeting and new mail alert limitations. Fortunately, Office 365 has a REST API...

Some familiarity with Python is assumed.

Thursday 3 September 2015

ISC DHCP: OMAPI wire protocol

OMAPI: Object Management Application Programming Interface

This post briefly describes the OMAPI protocol for the Internet Systems Consortium DHCP server version 4.1-ESV-R11.

From the dhcpd man page:

The DHCP server provides the capability to modify some of its configuration while it is running, without stopping it, modifying its database files, and restarting it. This capability is currently provided using OMAPI - an API for manipulating remote objects. OMAPI clients connect to the server using TCP/IP, authenticate, and can then examine the server’s current status and make changes to it.

This post is not a tutorial. Prior experience of binary protocols is assumed.