Saturday, 16 August 2008

HOWTO: Subversion in RAD7 on Fedora 8

A quick HOWTO on setting up Rational Application Developer 7 as a Subversion client on Fedora 8.


[user@fedora8 ~]$ yum list | grep subversion
subversion.i386                          1.4.4-7                installed       
subversion-javahl.i386                   1.4.4-7                installed   

Subversion is probably pre-installed; the JNI bindings for the Subversion libraries are probably not. Install the subversion-javahl package.

Rational Application Developer 7

RAD7 is based on Eclipse 3.2.1. This information is useful when deciding which plugin versions to install. To install the plugins, you will need to su to root and start RAD.

[user@fedora8 ~]$ su
[root@fedora8 user]# /opt/IBM/SDP70/eclipse -product

Open the Install/Update wizard: Help > Software Updates > Find and Install...


The version of Subversive on requires Eclipse 3.3. The older version from works with RAD7.

Add a new update site:

Updates dialog with SVN Team Provider selected to install

SVN Team Provider gives you the SVN perspective and the JNI bindings. It is the only required plugin.

SVN Team perspective screenshot

No further configuration should be required to use SVN in RAD7

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